Bounce House Safety

After watching news reports and stories on the internet a lot of people are concerned about Bounce House Safety.Little Tikes bounce house And you should be concerned about safety .First off the recent incident that is making the rounds on the news was a Little Tikes Bounce House  (similar to the one pictured to the left) that can be purchased at stores like Walmart. 

Safety is of utmost concern for us at Fast Break Inflatables! That is why all of our inflatables are delivered, setup, inspected, cleaned, and picked up by our trained delivery personnel. We stake them to the ground using stakes that are approved by the manufacturer. All of our inflatables are approved by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Amusement Rides and Attractions. The inflatables that we rent are commercial inflatables specifically designed for the rental industry.

Did you know that in the State of Pennsylvania all business renting Inflatable Rides must be registered with State? We have to attend a training seminar every 3 years and pass a test to become a certified inspector. All of the businesses must have insurance. We must file monthly inspection reports with the State and we must fill out reports letting the State know where each one of these inflatables are setup. For public events we must fill out daily inspection reports with the State and certify that the inflatables were setup according to the manufactures instructions. Also when we are operating the inflatables at public events we have to follow guidelines that the State has set for us to operate the inflatables safely.

You will also play a big part in the safety of the children using the Inflatable. Children must be supervised by an adult while using the Inflatable to ensure that the safety rules are being followed.  Just because the inflatables are setup properly by our staff at your event, does not mean that our concern for safety ends. We will go over the safe operation of the inflatable with an adult before we leave and make sure that you understand those operating procedures and answer and questions that you may have. Together we can make sure that everyone has a great time!  

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