Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide

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Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide
Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide

Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide


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The Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide is a stand alone inflatable rock climbing wall and slide. Both adults and children will enjoy climbing the rock climb wall and then sliding down one of two lanes on the other side. Dual Lane Rock Wall Slide is a perfect addition to your party, competition, camp or other event. This unit will provide hours of active fun and can also be combined with our obstacle courses for even more fun.

$349.00 per day

Special $299.00

Product Reviews:

  • 8/3/19NoelleI thought it was going to be a bit bigger. Not your fault at all, just misjudged dimensions for the space.

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